We are dedicated to creating and producing a unique, premium line of chocolates which delight the taste buds. We carefully blend ingredients of exceptional quality and taste. 

A commitment to satisfying each and every customer keeps our dedicated production team working hard to ensure that every item we produce meets our rigorous quality standards. The result is an outstanding array of irresistible edibles… Simplicity at its best!



 Heavenly is the only way to describe our Chocolate Caramelized Pecans. They get their rich, decadent flavor from being enrobed in a buttery caramel sauce, bathed in Belgium milk chocolate then tousled in Dutch cocoa and cinnamon, making them taste truly sinful! They are a taste sensation not to be missed and they are always a holiday favorite.



 Chocolate delight! Surprise a chocoholic with a true classic, Our Chocolate Turtle Collection will make a lasting impression. The Gourmet Chocolate of the Month Club is a great year round gift to give for a unique variety of hand made chocolates. Don't forget chocolate gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, housewarmings and thank you's.

Our Press


 Dallas Chocolates is one of the top Chocolate manufactors in the Metroplex. Zel Nealy, Dallas Chocolates and The Xocolatl Room have been featured in Modern Luxury, Eclipes Scene, D, Town and Country, Allure, W, Glamour, Where Dallas and numerous other local and national publications for our hand made confections and supporting the local commuity. Dallas Chocolates has also been featured in The Dallas Morning News and channel NBC5, CBS11, WFAA8, FOX4 and KDAF-TV CW33.



Head Chocolatier Zel Nealy is with no doubt a chocoholic. She is the heart of our Factory and she is the one who brings the spirit and soul into it. She is an experienced chocolatier with a long list of awards, prizes and trophies. 

The work is always in a full swing in our kitchen! Everyone here is on fire when it comes to making chocolate. The best chocolate makers are gathered here together to create something really special to impress you deeply. The latest in cooking fashion, best recipes and fresh goods, this is the formula of our success.

No less important than a good cook is a good Team. As clear as crystal black and white uniform, nice smile, pleasant manners and perfect walk. Our friendly team will treat you like Majesty. A well-trained team knows exactly how to serve the best visitors and how to impress them with a little show.